Angry Video Game Kid Releases New Video!

Here’s looking at you.

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  1. The kid does not realized that there were poor families who cannot afford the more expensive SEGA Genesis. He kept saying the same thing, “Master System has less bits than Genesis”. This kid needs to get a system of how to review games.
    Still, the Master System version was the DS version of a Wii game. Just depends on what you can afford.

  2. Daguru77:

    Still, the Master System version was the DS version of a Wii game. Just depends on what you can afford.

    Wrong. And that kid is, among many other things, wrong. The Master System port is actually a great game that’s much more than just a scaled down version of the original. The level design is completely different, and because the Master System could not handle the speed (OMG BLAST PROCESSING) of the Genesis, a greater focus was placed on platforming and gem collecting.

    Truth be told, I actually prefer the Master System port to the Genesis version – the levels are just more interesting and the focus on speed on the Genesis games sort of takes away from the overall fun of exploring the rich world of Sonic the Hedgehog. I love the Game Gear music, and the whole Jungle world, exclusive to the Master System, is a real treat to play. Many Master System games, like Golden Axe, Moonwalker, and Altered Beast, were simplified versions of the originals that felt noticeably lacking compared to the Genesis. Sonic is the exception, though, and there’s a reason it’s commonly voted as the Master System’s best game.

    I love the kid’s logic, though. Nobody bought the Master System, therefore it’s a bad system. Proving how out to lunch he is, he cites After Burner as the system’s only good game. Fail.

  3. I’m heated. I am fucking heated. I am pissed the fuck off. Never have I been so upset with the words that have come from a child’s mouth. How dare he?! How fucking dare he?!

  4. I was really pissed off for a while. But from his point of view (being a seventh generation gamer) maybe he’s right? Maybe this is how today’s youth look at the Master System?

    He seems to be a big fan of AVGN and judging from his comment on the video, he’s fully aware of that he’s not being original.

    The Intro is long and redundant. And as for the review itself it’s kinda obvious that he didn’t prepare a script.

    He prefers the NES before the SMS. That’s ok, he’s entitled to his opinion. If he chooses to live his life in sin and eternal damnation that’s entirely up to him. 🙂

    “Why would you get a game that’s 8-bit inferior to the Genesis version?” Now I could retort with something like: “Why would you buy a Xbox game when there’s Xbox 360? IT’S LIKE 360 degrees MORE GAME!” but I don’t think stirring up more incorrect arguments would lead to anything constructive. He’s just too young to have any frame of reference.

    “I barely know anyone who’s ever had a master system” Again, too young. Dear child.

    “Sega master System is pretty much worthless” Just… no.

    He kinda contradicts himself by saying “Okay, the SMS had better graphics than the NES but graphics isn’t everything, kid” and then later ” “I would get the system with the better graphics” when comparing it to the “32 bit”.

    “Nobody ever talks about the Master System”
    Now that’s kinda true. Most game-reviewers are American NES-lovers and if they should ever make a review of a SMS-game they would start of by getting all their facts from wikipedia.

    And when playing, they have little or no skill at all. Take this review of Alex Kidd In Shinobi World for example: (at 4:10) Besides looking in his notes for facts, did he even look in the manual? Or did he rip the footage from an emulator just like everyone else?

    To be fair, games back then required skill but at least we had the energy to read through the manual.

    *uses grand-dad voice* “Son, when I was your age we (mostly) didn’t have any save-features!”

    I hate when people review Master System games just because they consider themselves to be a “game reviewer” and for that reason they feel the need to cover all consoles.

    Besides the general American standpoint to the SMS, There’s entire continents out there filled with people with a different view to the Master System and someone should stand up and talk for them!

    So please, don’t make reviews of Master System games if you do not master the system.

  5. @grolt Dude, the Master System is totally a DS compared to the Wii. The DS always has less feature and a downgrade of graphics. This port could be better since the game does not fly by super quickly, but it is a matter of opinion. I for one prefer the speed over collecting stuff beside the chaos emeralds. Speed was the selling point to me. I like to show my friends how fast I beat the game and collected the all emeralds.

    @Wrim I totally agree with you!

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