When Stevie met Team Meat: Super Meat Boy, Dickitude and more

Super Meat Boy is a game where you are a cube of meat, saving your girlfriend (who is made of bandages) from an evil fetus in a tux and top hat. It’s also a tough as hell platformer and coming to XBLA Wednesday, and WiiWare this month. So what about the people behind the meat? What do they think? Well luckily they managed to take the time to talk to me and you can listen to the results!

We talk about the game, I awkwardly try to sneak in Sega, and of course, we talk a little bit about Goosebumps!

(Note: Sorry for the audio, there is some background noise in parts, but aside from that it’s fine)

Download it here!

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  1. Haven’t played it yet, but heard very good reviews.

  2. The review i did should be up today.

    Spoilers: It’s amazing.

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