Sega Addicts creator receives new coffee cup!

That image above is of my new coffee cup. It has Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Chaos, and balloons on it. It also has my name because it’s for my birthday. I’ll be 25 next week. My wife got this for me because she is nice.

Coffee tastes really good out of it and it makes me extra speedy. Did you know that Sonic is extra speedy?

I hope you like my coffee cup.

[Source: Sega Addicts]

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  1. that thing is bad ass! you have an awesome wife, Alex!

  2. That is unspeakably adorable.

  3. That is…amazing. Now you can have Sonic inside you each and every morning! 😀

    …Which kind of makes me wonder what’s going on in that picture there…Maybe I’m seeing things wrong…

    Anyway, HAPPY PRE-BIRFDUH, in case I miss saying it next week.

  4. Hey, thats where my mug from last year went! Happy Birthday!

  5. That is a pretty awesome coffee cup.

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