New Sonic Lost World trailer focuses on Deadly Six boss fighters

Sega and Nintendo have released a new trailer showcasing the various boss encounters throughout Sonic Lost World.

In recent months we’ve seen a lot of new information regarding Sonic Lost World — Sega’s big Wii U and 3DS exclusive. Perhaps the only aspect of the game that was not shown in recent videos were the main villains — the “Deadly Six“. With a new trailer that focuses entirely on the bosses, you can finally see what kind of epic enemy encounters will await Sonic on his new adventure.

I always thought the boss fights were the weakest part of any 3D Sonic game. So, it’s refreshing to see boss encounters that look well-designed and fun, despite being very similar to the ones in Super Mario Galaxy games.

Let us know what you think of the Deadly Six in the comments!

[Source: GoNintendo via Nintendo Life]