Sonic and Tails’ new voices unveiled!

It’s a moment several of us have been waiting for since we learned the Sonic series was getting new voice actors. Just now, Sega (via The Sonic Stadium) released a cutscene from Sonic Colors showing off the new voices for our blue hero and his mutated fox friend. In the cutscene is Tails being a super nerd, facepalming, and delicious fourth wall breakage.

So what do you guys think? Truth be told, I kinda like having a deeper voice for Sonic, and Tails sounding properly like a little boy instead of a girl now is a big improvement. Tell us whether you like, hate, or still want to murder everyone at 4Kids in the name of Ryan Drummond in the comments below.

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  1. Sonic’s voice is starting to grow on me after watching the cutscene over and over and over. The voice just completely caught me off guard at first. I wasn’t expecting that kind of tone for him but the acting in general is really good. Sonic sounds older and way less annoying now.

  2. Oh, agreed, it’s jarring to hear a deepish tone come from Sonic, but I’m a fan so far. The “Griffith Peaks and Valleys” seem to be gone, too, which helps a bunch.

  3. It’s so different. I’m used to it already though. I think it fits.

  4. Sonic’s voice sounds a little old and off for me but I could get use to it.

    On the other hand, Tails sounds spot on imo.

  5. I’m liking the voices, even Sonic’s new 40-year-old trucker voice. His voice has always agitated me, even in the games I enjoyed, so this one is a lot nicer and feels better.

    Also, this seems a lot more lighthearted than the other recent games. Less “AAUUUGHH WEREHOG AAUUUGHH”, more “Yyaaaaayyyy~”. Which is good. Feels like the older cartoons.

  6. This reminds me a lot of 90s cartoons like Animaniacs. I can dig it. Hopefully the humor is a bit funnier in the full game.

  7. Pretty good, my Wii is broken so I can’t play Sonic Colors. But I will eventually get another one, but enough about me. Sonic’s voice is pretty damn good imo and Tails sounds much better too.

  8. Oh and I forgot to say: Moonwalking Sonic FTW! 😀


  10. It is strange hearing Sonic’s new voice but I do think it is an improvement. They both sound less annoying which is great.

  11. I don’t think it sounds all that different than before. A little deeper, but then again, shouldn’t he be getting older along with us too? No fair that he gets to stay the same age!

    I like distancing the ages of Sonic and Tails, it defines their leader-follower relationship a little better. We’re getting close to release of Sonic Colours and I still haven’t found anything to really dislike…rock on, SEGA.

  12. Sonic’s new deeper voice is less grating, so that’s a big improvement. Tails’ new voice doesn’t sound like a girl, which is a change of pace.

    This is the best performance from Tails since Kirbopher’s Tails in Sonic Bastardized. (I haven’t liked any of the voice actors for Tails in the earlier games.)

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