Valkyria Chronicles 3 box art revealed, demo dated November 9th

Enjoy your excessively tall jpeg! This is the absolutely stunning box art for the Japanese release of Valkyria Chronicles 3, coming out January 27th next year. Interestingly it also has the physical number ‘3’ similar to the Japanese release of Valkyria Chronicles 2, where as the international release of that game had the numeral ‘II’ instead. If you find that kind of thing interesting, that is.

Also announced slightly earlier than this reveal is that the Japanese playable demo will be released November 9th. This will be the demo that was announced at the Tokyo Game Show featuring two missions continuing on from the events of the demo that was actually playable during TGS (but was not publicly released). Expect some impressions once it hits, and please feel free to badger Sega into keeping the international box art as close to that above as possible because I really really like it.

[Source: Andriasang – 1 & 2. Thanks, Stevie!]

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  1. Japan is getting the third game and I haven’t even finished the first one. I need to catch up. Also that box art is indeed sexy.

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