The SEGA Addicts Podcast records episode 36 tonight!

We will be recording episode 36 tonight and you know what that means: We need listener questions! Without listener questions we can’t ask and answer listener questions on the air which means that the listener questions segment will cease to exist due to not existing.

What’s that? You want to know the topic of tonight’s episode? Well, it’s all about Mickey Mouse games that appeared on SEGA consoles. We might be doing this because of the release of a certain game called Epic Mickey in the next couple weeks. Actually, I believe that really is the reason.

Also, don’t forget about that poll over on the left side of the screen. You can vote for your favorite Mickey game. Well, actually second favorite because I was an idiot and completely forgot to put Mickey Mania up there which is by far the best. You can play through Steamboat Willy!

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  1. – Best Mickey Mouse game on GB, GBA, and DS. (Yes that means you have to answer three questions.) =P

    – Been to Disneyland? And first reaction going there, and seeing the ‘mouse’? Automatic hug? If you have not been there what ‘would be’ your first reaction and who ‘would’ you hug?

    Random Questions:

    – Not enough Goofy, Donald Duck games?

    – How do you guys feel about Pluto, the overall bad guy for most games? (Some, I guess, maybe more.)

    – What about more Minnie in games?

    – Who could do the best Mickey Mouse chuckle and say “Well, hello folks!” There were some other typical lines I remember but some just mostly from the early 80s on cartoon network.

    – Any of you ever dressed up or saw someone dressed up as the “black mouse with ears?”

    I think that’s pretty much it. In b4 Manic comes up with something clever that will make me grin ear to ear. Guess my thinking cap just ain’t on tight enough today.

  2. Would you play a game starring Manic Maverick? I sure as hell would.

  3. Why wasn’t Mickey Mania on the list? Its by far the best Mickey game on the Genesis.

    • I completely forgot about it when I created the poll. I don’t know how either because I’ve played that game more than any other Mickey Mouse game.

  4. /end nerd rage. When did Disney license games go from being awesome to not worth mentioning? Depending on the success of Epic Mickey could you see developers going back to these licenses and making some quality games out of them?

  5. I think I’m going to go play it right now. Did the moose chase level scare you as a kid? It always had me panicking.

  6. Q1: If you could make Mickey Mouse the main character of any other Sega game, what game would it be, and how would the story/gameplay be affected?

    Q2: If you could make buttered toast the main character of any other Sega game, what game would it be, and how would the story/gameplay be affected?

    Q3: If you could make a Sega game the main character of any other Disney movie, what movie would it be, and how would the story/pornographic scenes be affected?

  7. I know it’s not Sega related, but what’s everybody’s thoughts (minus Matt’s, since I know what he thinks already) on Kingdom Hearts?

    And yes, I would play any game starring Manic Maverick. Even Custer’s Revenge with his head shooped over Custer.


  9. in World of Illusion during co-op mode, did anyone else get stuck in a giant colorful room near the end of the game? I always got stuck but figured it out once but that was before all these fandangled FAQs & such.

    would you guys ever want to see a disney-themed game of say Fur Fighters or Naughty Bear?

    also, can’t wait for the Splatterhouse episode!

  10. Which Disney games did you enjoy more, the Mickey games or the other Disney Genesis games like Aladdin or Lion King?

    What is your favorite Mickey cartoon?

    Will you guys be putting out Sega Addicts t-shirts?

    Also, loving the header.

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