Jazwares adds new merch to Sonic toy line


Toy company Jazwares has been producing a wide selection of Sonic merchandise for a while now and following on from their New York Toy Fair booth a couple months back it seems that they’re ready to unleash even more stuff for us to buy later this year. New announcements concerning transforming plushies (that change either Sonic or Shadow into their ‘super’ forms when turned insideout), a Rouge/Shadow comic book pack, and glowing chaos emerald accessories were recently shown by Russian fansite Sonic Characters, who dug up some very interesting fact sheets relating to the toy line.

If you fancy a look at the products revealed you can see these fact sheets after the jump. And if you like what you see why not let us know what your favorite toy is in the comments? It can’t hurt you to try!

[Source: Sonic Stadium]






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  1. i definitely could buy the transformed products. the emeralds are a smart choice to make, since no one would buy less than 7 haha

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