The SEGA Addicts Game of the Year Awards: 2010 Edition!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first annual SEGA Addicts Game of the Year Awards Show (aka The S.a.g.y.a.s., catchy ain’t it?)! It’s the last month of 2010 and with no big releases coming from SEGA until next year it sure did seem like a good ol’ time to announce our favorite games of the year.

I can tell that all of you are just as excited as I am to find out who the winners are so I won’t keep you any longer. Just hit the jump below and prepare to be educated with the subtle wisdom that only the SEGA Addicts can provide. Or something like that.

Best Wii Game…

Sonic Colors!

Stevie Grant: “This is surprising to even me that I liked this game as much as I did. The platforming worked, well and apart from a few cheap deaths and a terrible jump, it was a highly enjoyable anf fun romp for me. Definetly deserving of the best Wii game Sega have made this year.”

Josh Newey: “While it’s full of Sonic’s special brand of flaws, Sonic Colors still managed to prove to me that exhilarating entertainment in a 3D Sonic game is not too lofty a dream after all.”

Runner-up: Sakura Wars

Best Xbox 360 Game…


Stevie Grant: “Bayonetta is just really, really fun and a joy to play. Platnum really outdid themselves on this and I can’t wait to see what’s in stock for the enivetable sequel.”

Andrew Galbraith: “A sleek sexy mash-up of Viewtiful Joe tongue-in-cheek qualities with controls smooth enough to shelf Devil May Cry. That and the main character is memorable enough to easily be capable of remaining fetish fodder for sometime to come.”

Kris Knigge: “The DMC4 I wanted but never got!”

Runner-up: None. This decision was unanimous.

Best PS3 Game…

Yakuza 3!

Kris Knigge: “Even with the cut content it’s deliciously rich. Combat’s improved, too!”

Runner-up: Resonance of Fate & Vanquish

Best PC Game…

Napoleon: Total War!

Andrew Galbraith: “Long since has the Total War series been able to sooth my craving for gratuitous amounts of strategic command and Napoleon delivers a relatively solid experience in the same vein as it’s predecessors, if not for a few welcome improvements.”

Best DS Game…

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Brett Hatfield: “To make up for it not grabbing the PS3 award, and because it plays just as well as its console bigger brother.”

Runner-up: Infinite Space & Sonic Classics Collection

Best PSP Game…

Valkyria Chronicles 2!

Kris Knigge: “It’s a huge game wrapped in a story of racism and civil war. While subject to some “school days” tropes, and on a portable system, it’s still Valkyria Chronicles and I’m hyped for the next in the series.”

Best iPhone/iPod Game…

Chu Chu Rocket!

Josh Newey: “Can’t stop playing the 4 player games!”

Runner-up: Sonic 2 & Sonic 4

Best XBLA/PSN Game…

Sonic 4!

Brett Hatfield: “Ohhh, please don’t make me choose between After Burner Climax and Sonic 4… I guess Sonic 4 gets the nod here, as it DID surpass my high expectations, and for me, it has a bit more replayability than After Burner Climax.”

Runner-up: After Burner Climax

Best Virtual Console Game…

Sonic & Knuckles!

Stevie Grant: “The fact that they even released this on the Virtual Console is amazing to me. It even has the lock on which means I can now play the complete version of Sonic 3 on my Wii. Very awesome indeed. Apart from that I can’t really say much. It’s Sonic and Knuckles, one of the best Sonic games! Of coruse it wins best SEGA Virtual Console game of the year.”

Runner-up: Shadow Dancer

Best “Not SEGA but relevant to our interests” Game…

Super Meat Boy!

Stevie Grant: “If you haven’t read my review of this then here’s an abridged version: OH MY GOD THIS IS ONE OF THE  BEST PLATFORMERS EVER!” And this still holds up. There’s nothing bad about Super Meat Boy. I literally can’t think of anything wrong that hasn’t already been fixed in a patch or wasn’t a problem to begin with. I love this game unquestionably and not only is it the best ‘relevent to our interests’ game of the year, but it is my game of the year overall. Congratulations Team Meat, you made an amazing game.”

Runner-up: Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Worst Game of the Year…

Alpha Protocol!

Andrew Galbraith: “Alpha Protocol was a competently designed Action/RPG sometime during the design phase, I’m sure of it. But what was delivered to gamers was a hapless shadow of what was promised. Despite excellent decision-based events, which was the only real strongpoint of this title, everything else just seemed to sink to the bottom of the priority list.”

Runner-up: Aliens vs. Predator

Best Game of the Year…


Stevie Grant: “After I completed this game one of the first thoughts that came into my head was ‘this will probably be my game of the year’/ The action is so fast paced and off the walls that there was no way I couldn’t love it. Despite the ending being overally long the story was funny in places and definetly had me laughing out loud in some spots. great design, great action, funny characters, what’s not to love?”

Runner-up: Vanquish & Resonance of Fate

Readers Comments (2)

  1. Hooray! Little bummed out Sakura Wars didn’t manage to outpace Sonic, but then who could? (THAT WAS A JOKE ABOUT SPEED)

    Outstanding that Bayonetta managed to win overall having been released maybe the earliest in the year of all the games on the list.

  2. I’m unofficially calling Sakura Wars Sega Addicts’ PS2 Game of the Year.

    Seriously though, this year was awesome.

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