Sega has 3 Sonic annoucements for 2011

Don’t you feel that there just aren’t enough Sonic games in the world? Well if you didn’t have enough of the insufferable blue rodent then Sega has you covered! That’s right in 2011 we can expect 3 new announcements involving our favourite blue mascot that isn’t Megaman. This was revealed in a recent interview in the latest Game Informer magazine.

One of these of course will be Episode 2 of the Sonic 4 saga but after that I can’t really think of much. Maybe that Sonic anniversary collection that was rumoured? I don’t know. What about you? Got any guesses as to what these mystery Sonic games will be? Why don’t you tell me in the comments!

[Source: CVG via Destructoid]

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  1. My guesses:
    The big 20th anniversary game. No doubt about that one.
    Sonic 4: Episode 2…?
    I’m hearing rumors going around about another Mario and Sonic game but it’s not a sports title this time but it’s only rumors right now.
    Another possible spinoff or handheld title (Sonic 3DS?)

  2. they maek porno gam with the sax

  3. Manic Maverick:

    they maek porno gam with the sax


    Alex Riggen:

    I didn’t think of the 3DS game. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the third big Sonic announcement.

    I forgot about the 3DS game as well.

  4. But on a serious note, I really want them to continue with the original Sonic Adventure storyline. I would love to see that. Coming back to Station Square and Mystic Ruins and such, but with sexy new graphics. I really loved adventuring and exploring in that game. So, if they don’t do a continuation, they should at least bring back the sandbox style gameplay. Also side-missions. Side-missions would be awesome.

  5. Sonic 4 Episode 2

    Sonic’s 20th anniversary game

    Sonic the Hedgehog for the 3DS

    Done deal.

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