New Yakuza 4 trailer is all about Taiga Saejima

Well it seems these trails have been cropping up a lot lately. That of coruse means that the Yakuza hype machine is in full force. And I hope the machines hype rays hits you because to my knowledge the last game didn’t really do well in the West. Either way above this bit of text explaining the video you’ve probably watched by now is the trailer, staring one of the main characters, Taiga Saejima.

So that was that. In my personal opinion I like these trailers. They tell nerds like me who the main cast is and why I should care. It also makes me want the game which is bad news for me since I don’t have the console that makes the game run. But if you do own a Playstation 3 then I guess you’re better for it. Just let me have a go when you’re finished OK?

[Source: Sega]

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