Classy new Yakuza Restoration footage surfaces

The Yakuza series is no stranger to vastly different spin-off titles. Why it only seems like yesterday that they released their bizarre zombie spin-off. But if that game took the series in a more weird B-movie type direction, then Yakuza Restoration aims to take it into more classy territory.

It may seem like a cliche thing to say for these types of blog posts, but every new detail about this game just makes it look better and better. The newest footage cements this by showing off a chasing and hiding mission, taking place in one of the many areas of feudal Japan that the game looks to explore.

The footage (viewable above) sees you on the run while disguised as a drunk. The video itself is in Japanese (obviously) but you can still make out the historical fun being demonstrated. Either way it’s nice to see more historically orientated games taking themselves seriously. Basically, I really dig the style. Bring on more footage, I say!

[Source: Siliconera}

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