Hyperdimension Neptunia English Trailer released. Christmas saved

I was pretty anxious about the coming release of the console cross-over RPG, but this trailer has certainly alleviated a lot of my fears. It so far looks like a much smoother and well thought out successor to Trinity Universe.

For those of you out of the loop, the PS3 RPG stars goddesses based on the major contemporary gaming consoles teaming up with the unreleased ‘Neptune’ console to fight the evil piracy force of ‘Arfoire’. It’s exceptionally silly, but I really like the design of the characters from what I’ve seen thus far. The voice acting also seems to be pretty decent overall, which after suffering through Arc Rise Fantasia‘s is especially reassuring/

The current release date is March 4th for Europe, and about that for the US too although I can’t seem to find an official release date for it. I’m happy to see all the features of the Japanese release seem to have made it in, so you will still be able to summon Alex Kidd and Space Harrier…guy.. to kick the crap out of piracy. Hopefully Compile Heart will do the Sega name proud come release day.

[Source: Prinny Bomb]