Vanquish demo hits Japan on September 22nd

Are you Japane-..wait, doesn’t it feel like we’ve done this before? Yet another ‘Huh, I wasn’t expecting that’ announcement to come out of TGS, there will actually be another playable demo of Vanquish released next week on the Japanese on-line marketplaces. No word on a US/EU release date, but presumably it wont be too long a wait as there were only days between the releases of the first demo.

Titled ‘VANQUISH CHALLENGE MODE DEMO’ (probably not realistically in ALL CAPS) it’s designed to give players a taste of what the game is like on a much tougher difficulty setting. I could’ve understood this for the Bayonetta demo, but frankly I had a pretty damn tough time with the demo for Vanquish, and any interest I have on seeing it get tougher before even touching the full game is an almost entirely morbid curiosity. I’m sure there must be some gamers out there with incredible reflexes though, so be sure to check out the new demo when it arrives next week.

Given the emphasis on scoring I’m sure it’ll provide a decent training ground for competitive players too, to ensure a frighteningly diverse scoreboard on release. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. There’s a reason they called the final difficulty mode ‘GOD HARD’, and I’m in no rush to be taught why.

[Source: 1-UP]

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  1. I was assuming they’d release multiple demos after the first one being named “Velocity Attack” or something along those lines. I was hoping for something besides just harder diffuculty though. I was already bad at it enough.

  2. Ok, I have been looking forward to this game for some time. I have seen images from it, and it looks to be aesthetically astounding. I have no idea what the gameplay is like, but if it is anything like its visuals, it will be an amazing game

  3. Another demo? That is a weird way to do it? I didn’t really like the first one that much.

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