The Sega Addicts writers are recording tomorrow with VBlank Entertainment!

Hey you know that thing some of us Sega Addicts Writers do sometimes? Well we’re doing it tomorrow! With Brian Provintiano, the creator of upcoming retro styles game Retro City Rampage. Of course, it will be a Christmas episode, so we’ll be talking about gaming Christmas memories, as well as the usual mess of nonsense and tangentially Sega related business.

But here’s the part where you, our faithful listeners come in! You see we want some awesome questions to ask Brian and who better to ask than you? No one that’s who! So please leave your questions about Retro City Rampage, Sega or Christmas in the comments section below!

Readers Comments (3)

  1. To Brian: fairly cliché question, but picking the ‘retro’ part of the equation, what do you think retro games had/have that the current generation of games is lacking?

    To everyone: what gift would you give Sega this Christmas? And vice versa, what gift would you want Sega to give you?

    Merry Christmas, fellow Addicts (and Brian ofcourse), and don’t forget to buy Happiness in your local shopping mall before it’ sold out.

  2. Oh, and I am expecting a Christmas gift from you guys.
    A cover of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, by our resident banana diva extraordinaire. Dedicated to my lovely girlfriend, Ana Lúcia……………………………Yeah.

  3. Oh, this is the writers room, not a new podcast episode. That’s what you get for being in the internet at 3 in the morning, posting with the right hand and drinking Bailey’s (the chocolate mint variant) with the left hand. Can someone spell epic fail?

    Still, mr. Francis P. tassium, I know you are reading, so I am expecting this gift next we meet. Or else… I am sending a hungry monkey after you.

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