Sega puts up a site to celebrate 20 years of Sonic

And here we are folks! That’s right finally we’ve managed to stop nuking each other to make it to the year 2011! So everyone knows what that means.. 20 years of Sonic! Woo! And to celebrate this Sega have put up a site to commemorate this. There was also some news mentioning that they have some special projects for Sonic and Puyo Pop this year. So get excited, I guess.

Although there isn’t much on that site right now, you can bet that A) We’ll get an English version, and B) Maybe some news about these projects. Maybe. So what about you? Any thoughts? Can you believe it’s almost been 20 years of our favourite blue animal? Tell me in the comments, guys!

[Source: Sega Shiro]

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  1. I still can’t believe it’s almost Sonic’s 20th anniversary already. I still remember his 10th and 15th anniversary like it was yesterday. The years go by so damn fast it’s crazy.

  2. And that makes 25 for the Omega…Alex Kidd. Happy new years, everyone. I hope this means that we’ll get that 3D remake of Sonic this year.

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