Here’s a cool Sonic fan art compilation

The thing about fan art is that it can take hours to find anything good on sites like Deviantart. However to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sonic, a fan has created a compilation of Sonic fan art, which people can submit their own fan art too. So far it has some very good art in it, like the picture I used in the header, which was submitted by a user called Black Enchantress Rose.

You can look at and submit your art to the compilation on it’s tumblr blog. It’s got some good art on it, I think you will agree. Well apart from all those pictures of Rouge the Bat, but whatcha gonna do?

[Source: Thanks for the link, Devin!]

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  1. I never thought I would have Shadow as my wallpaper, but now I stand corrected. Or sit corrected I suppose.

    Cool stuff though. Definitely some awesome artwork on there. I enjoy Super Sonic chasing the Death Egg as well.

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