Kid Chameleon is back (with some sweet wrap-arounds)


The Evolution of Chameleon

Developer Gameblox recently announced that they’ll be working on a new, unofficial installment of one of Sega’s many forgotten mascots, Kid Chameleon. The main character, who will be referred to as “Max” in the game, is already being displayed in some concept art on the Brazilian developer’s website (some of which you can see above), and so far is looking pretty faithful to the original (I personally love the wrap-arounds on some of these early shots).

I’ve never been a huge fan of the original, but I know a few people that will be frothing at the mouth for this. Honestly, I’m very intrigued to see if Sega reacts at all.  It’s been ages since we’ve seen the revival of a dead Genesis character. Are you guys psyched at some of the possibilities? Anyone pissed that the character could potentially lack that iconic leather jacket?

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. Kid Chameleon NEEDS the jacket.

  2. I wish it was SEGA doing this, and I really wish they’d do this to more properties. They have already such a catalog of interesting characters and games that could really translate well to modern consoles. I’d love to see a new Alex Kidd 3D platformer – it could surely be a big hit on something like the 3DS (Nintendo’s trying it out with Kid Icarus). Or how about an Altered Beast…that’s one property I’m really surprised they’ve not touched, given how it resonates with core gamers today and given how it has enough edge to fit in with the current adult landscape of modern gaming.

    Chameleon was a game I took some time to warm to, but after playing it on the Genesis collection on the 360 I’ve really grown quite fond of it. I really like the physics of the game and all the different iterations you get feel surprisingly different and really add variety to the gameplay. Always loved Shinobi-kid and of course the Jason mask the best. I’ve already been spoiled this year with the hockey mask wearing Splatterhouse remake, I’d certainly welcome another one here should this Kid Chameleon actually get finished.

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