The Sega Addicts record episode 47 tonight!

It’s the last episode of the Capcom miniseries! I thought this day would never come! It’s actually kind of sad. There will never be another Capcom released on a Sega console after what we discuss today…

Games to be discussed: Power Stone 2, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service, Capcom vs. SNK 1,2, and 2000, Eldorado Gate Series, Mars Matrix, Cannon Spike, Project Justice, Giga Wing 2, and Heavy Metal Geomatrix.

So, if you’ve got Capcom related questions today’s your last chance to ask them. Of course we might answer Capcom related questions in later episodes if they are asked. Or we might not. It’s a risk you’d have to take, which, is why I encourage you to ask them now! I’m just looking out for you.

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  1. Why do you guys think Capcom has sort of forgot about Power Stone?

  2. After playing Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2. Were there any Capcom or SNK characters you wished they included? If so which ones and from what games?

  3. Q1: Do you think the Resident Evil series would be what it is today if Capcom hadn’t developed Sweet Home? How do you think it would have differed if they hadn’t developed it?

    Q2: What do all of the games mentioned today have to do with fried pork butts?

  4. I know I’m too late to ask a question. I just wanted to say congrats. I’m sure you’re more than ready to move on. It happens to the best of us. We can all get through this if we try.

    Oh wait, video games. yeah. they’re cool too!

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