English Segagaga may be released this year

Fan translation on Segagaga has been underway for nearly 5 years.  In an interview with Racketboy this week, project manager James Howell revealed that the Dreamcast translation patch may be completed as soon as this year.  Howell feels the team’s biggest challenge to this deadline may be the actual coding process.

…the largest obstacles to a completed patch might lie beyond the realm of translation and wordsmithing. We still need assistance working through some coding problems that will create the localization patch.”
-James Howell

Of all Japan’s exclusives, Segagaga has been the game I have desired the most.  It seems like the perfect tribute to Sega fans as well as a fitting swan song to Sega as a first party publisher.  Will you be helping Sega battle against the evil Sony Dogma?

[Source: Racketboy]

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  1. Would you need a Dreamcast to play this? I wish there were more people out there trying to translate the older games.

  2. Stan Spurgiesz April 6, 2011 @ 2:07 PM


    Would you need a Dreamcast to play this?

    Dreamcast emulators are an option as well. Howell adds that the patch “will be playable on emulators to the extent that any other Dreamcast content is playable on emulators”.

  3. Manic Maverick April 6, 2011 @ 6:25 PM


  4. So maybe this will decrease the ridiculous price of the game? Har har.

    Regardless, extreme want.

  5. will it be out in the uk? or will I need to use a region free boot disk?
    and how much will it cost?
    I’m verry intrested to play this game!

  6. Best of luck with the translating.

  7. best of lucks of this
    and if its all possible can u make a version for the dreamcast so I can play it on a consil or is that to hard to do for coding a dreamcast disc. Also English voice actors would be nice but I really won’t care that much if there not in.

  8. So this would be on the computer then. I wonder if there would be a way to burn it to a disk that the DC could read (I know you’d have to use a boot disk like Shenmue II).
    This would be awesome!

  9. How are the comments for this post 2 months-2 years old?!

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