Articles by Gwen Dog Opacich


Canceled Memories: Sonic X-treme (Saturn)

Sonic X-treme was Sega Technical Institute’s answer to bringing Sonic into 3D on the Saturn.  The game was eventually canceled and Sonic would have to wait until Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast before having his first true 3D outing.  Had an original Sonic platformer been released on the Saturn, could…


Sonic Cameos: Super Nintendo Edition

During the 1990s, many school yards were divided after being engulfed by the console wars of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.  Despite these hectic times, Sonic’s presence was still felt on the SNES.  How could Sega’s mascot have appeared on their rival’s console? Find out after the jump.


Sonic to make cameo in Namco game

Sonic’s list of cameo appearances is about to grow even larger.  Namco and Sega have announced today that they will release Sonic DLC for the iOS drumming game Taiko no Tatsujin. The DLC will include the medley from Sonic 4 along with four other unconfirmed songs.  While you tap to…