Streets of Rage 2 now available on iOS

Yesterday Sega announced that Streets of Rage 2 would be coming to iOS. The game will cost you $2.99 to purchase from the app store and is available now. They also announced that Golden Axe 2 and 3, as well as Streets of Rage 3 will be coming in the future.

As much as I would love to purchase this game, I really hate touch screen controls on games not designed for them.

[Source: Sega]



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  1. I hear you, John. It’s just broken to play that way. The only games that work are turn-based RPGs, since they do not rely on split second timing. I’ve had a lot of fun with Shining Force and Phantasy Star II on the iPhone, but trying to play Sonic, Ecco or Golden Axe has been a nightmare! I don’t know why they’re releasing so many hack and slash games on the platform when they have a back catalog of games that would fit so much better. Bring on the RPGs!

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