Guardian Heroes gets a trailer. It is short. You want more.

Seeing as how this site has its crosshairs set directly on fellow Sega fans, I feel kind of silly saying that Guardian Heroes was a criminally overlooked and underplayed Treasure classic. For your average gamer, I’d definitely say that’s an unequivocal truth. But you guys? You probably have known that for years. I’d be very curious to see the ratio of how many of our readers have played Guardian Heroes to how many have never even touched the thing.

The trailer above carries the first footage we’ve seen of the HD release, and for most gamers out there, it would be a short but sweet glimpse at what’s to come. For people who read a site called Sega Addicts, though, the brief running time of this video might feel a bit more taunting. We’ve seen it. We already love it. Give us more.

The video confirms the game’s Summer release, so your insatiable appetite ought to be satisfied soon enough.

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. i dont see a trailer

  2. Sorry, figured out the issue. Check it out!

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