May 2011


Sonic chess magazine cancelled

You may remember, quite a while ago actually that there were plans for a Sonic chess set, to be collected through various issues of a magazine series. Well unfortunately, the series has been cancelled. Revealed in a letter to early subscribers they “had to cease publication of Sonic the Hedgehog…


Canceled Memories: Sonic X-treme (Saturn)

Sonic X-treme was Sega Technical Institute’s answer to bringing Sonic into 3D on the Saturn.  The game was eventually canceled and Sonic would have to wait until Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast before having his first true 3D outing.  Had an original Sonic platformer been released on the Saturn, could…


Freedom isn’t free

You know, I never thought about it that way… Next time I play that stage I won’t free those poor animals anymore. Better alive and imprisoned than… well, THIS! Also, after the jump: a nice little, pretty random Mortal Kombat video with mouth made sounds. Enjoy!