Mike’s Cosplay Corner (ACEN)

Bioshock 2 Big Sister, and Splicers

Hey there all you SEGA funsters, it’s me again Mike Kyzivat, to show you around Mike’s Cosplay Corner.  Yes I know ACEN was ages ago, but circumstances beyond my control, mostly involving, aliens, ninjas, and a combination of the two I like to call NinjAliens (patent pending).  But I’m here now, and that’s all that matters, so grab a drink, get comfy and be ready to be amused, confused and enthused by the myriad costumers.

The Shredder


Morrigan (in evening wear)




Frank West


Dr. Robotnik (not Eggman damnit!!!)



James and Nurse


Chun Li Vs. Rose (Fight!!!)

Lisa Garland and either Sharon or Cheryl (you be the judge)


Power Rangers with Megazord

Portal chick (what was her name again?)

Jareth (Dance magic dance!!!)

Dr. Faust and Venom

Nurse #2 (sorry this got a little bright)

Oogie Boogie

Nurse #3


Chun Li (alternate color)

Cloud (in game graphics)

Spider Splicer

Cabbage Vendor (My Cabbages!!!)

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  1. Do you have a Live Action Erotic Roleplaying Corner?

  2. I think the Cloud in game graphics one is my favourite cosplay in quite a while! I have fun with cosplay, this was actually apart of my wedding invitation!


  3. Man, those NinjAliens were a pain in the ass this week, werent’ they? Thank goodness for the Orkin man.

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