‘Yakuza of the End’ is a smash hit!

Hehe, get it? Because... smash, you know?

Yakuza of the End, the latest entry to the Yakuza series has sold an astonishing 300k units in its first week! By doing that, it actually manages to top the charts for this week, which is quite a feat, especially considereing the next best selling game is Resident Evil: The Mercenaries for the 3DS! Let’s also not forget, that the game was delayed, due to the earthquakes, Tsunamis and still ongoing nuclear disaster, that has hit the land of the rising sun. Compared to Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4, the number might seem a bit slower, but some speculate that promotion for this title was somewhat reduced, due to the natural disasters.

[Source: Adriasang]

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  1. When the news first came out that the game had been delayed I started to worry that maybe the game wouldn’t ever come out. A zombie plague destroying the inhabitants of Japan may not have sat well with some people at the time. It’s good to see that this game did make it to release.

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