Takashi Iizuka confirms Sonic 4: Episode 2 is coming soon

In a recent chat with Silicon Era Takashi Iizuka confirmed that Sonic 4: Episode 2 hadn’t been forgotten. He had this to say:

“We named Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, so there will be an episode 2. Since this year is the 20th anniversary of Sonic we wanted to focus on Sonic Generations,” Iizuka answered. “We don’t have a release date or anything,” said Iizuka. “But, we can tell you it will be in the near future.”

Oh episodic content how I loathe thee. Sure Sonic 4: Episode 2 is still doing better than Half-Life 2: Episode 3, but I still think that going episodic may not have been in Sonic 4’s best interest. I guess we will see what the turn over rate on episodes is once the 20th anniversary stuff is over.

[Source: Silicon Era]

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  1. hope the phisics are more like genesis and they dont do something stupid like giving sonic long range lightning attacks

  2. I say that they should have made it closer to the roots if they wanted to call it Sonic 4, yes the physics are fucked up but if you fixed them the game as it is just wouldn’t work, you need levels specifically designed around the physics to show them at work. Also, go back and play Sonic 1 for a little bit then immediately play Sonic 2. You can’t even walk up a slight hill in Sonic 2 without sliding down. Still love Sonic and was actually so hyped for Sonic 4 but I’m glad it wasn’t a full game because now they can improve it, as it stands its like a botched remake.

  3. Sales for Episode 1 must not have been good, which is a surprise since this appeared to be good fan service. I really dug what I got (thanks SEGA Addicts, for the code!) and am amply looking forward to future content. If the physics in Generations is praised though, it seems like it will be tough to go back to the much criticized movement and lack of momentum of Sonic 4.

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