Sega working on more Kinect-exclusive games

Mike Hayes, Boss of Sega US and EU has stated in an interview that, besides Rise of Nightmares, there are more Kinect-exclusive games in the works. In the interview he also states that:

It’s ironic that Sega, probably better known for its family titles, is taking something mature onto it. There’s a lot of Kinect functionality planned for our games going forward – and hopefully a few more exclusives that we’re working with Microsoft on.

He also talks about how other games will have more Kinect supporting features. This only makes sense to me, since Kinect actually sells alright. Can we please have House of the Dead 4 now?

[Source: CVG]

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  1. I remember when Sega was known to be the edgier company, not ‘better known for it’s family titles’

    I’ve actually NEVER thought of Sega like that, but oh well. It makes sense to me that they would take on the Kinect, the Sega I know was always looking to do new things.

  2. @Stooball, yeah does Mike Hayes even know what he’s talking about? @Sven I don’t think House of the Dead 4 would work on Kinect.

  3. @ricerictwice
    I disagree. Child of Eden is pretty much a lightgun shooter and it works well. It could work on Kinect, especially with the finger precision showed at last E3…

  4. I think Kevin Butler’s knock on the Kinect is a valid one…nobody wants to point their finger at the screen like a gun. If I’m playing a shooting game, I really would like to have a gun. Or at least some kind of precision object in my hand. I like the idea of making Rise of Nightmares a melee game because of this…the actions seem realistic enough so as to not take you out of the game. Pew! Pew!

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