Take a look at my Yakuza 4 calendar!

I don’t know if this is news or something, but I went to my local videogame store here in Luxembourg and got a sweet Yakuza 4 calendar! I took some pictures of it, which you can look at after the jump! So pretty!

Also, sorry for blurry pictures, I’m terrible at this! Enjoy!

Oh boy, that one didn’t come out well…

Nice infos embedded in the calendar itself… like birthdays of Yakuza characters and Japanese holidays!

Also, interesting infos for all the hostesses featured. Game relevant?

The man himself…

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  1. Likes: Cheesecake
    Dislikes: Spicy Foods

    Seeing that made me think, ‘They’re going to make Yakuza Extreme Beach Volleyball and gift giving can help you earn bathing suits

  2. @ stooball

    and if you give them something they dont like, they smash a bike on you

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