Weekly Recap July 4th – July 10th

Another week, another weekly recap! It has been yet another very productive week for Sega Addicts, so it would only be natural for the reader to overlook some stories and features. Luckily for you, I’ve got you covered! Yes, you guessed right, these posts are not only the platform for the awesomness that are penguins, No, you can find all the posts right after the jump!


Alpha Protocol is down 75% on Steam

Sonic Generations gets some info

Electronic Art games to be distributed by Sega in Japan

NiGHTS Soundtrack remix now available for free

NiGHTS turns 15 today

Sega working on more Kinect exclusive games

Sega UK working with Bowplex to make bowling EXTREME

Take a look at my Yakuza 4 calendar!

Spiral Knights hits 1 million players, Sega celebrating with new content

New Sega Vintage collection screenshots

Sonic Generations Gamestop DLC detailed

Tweet to destroy Eggman

Sonic for Hire has a new episode

Imagine if Sonic 2 had DLC

Epire and Napoleon Total War GOTY Edition now off 66% on Steam

Xseed interested in bringing ‘Rodea: the sky soldier’ to the West

Shogun 2 is down 40% again, last chance!



What we’ve been playing: Week of 3/7/2011

A House of the Dead Retrospective: Part 2 – ‘The House of the Dead 2’

Sega’s Top Ten most ‘marican characters



The bi-weekly contest: Sega Rally Online Arcade and Willy Beamish

Forum news: Holy crap, I’ve been writing this garbage for a year now

Weekly Contest: Sega Rally online Arcade & Cosmic Carnage



The Sega Addicts record Episode 57 tomorrow

Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 57 – Willy Beamish was like a Bart Simpson knockoff


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