Unannounced ‘Sonic Generations: Special Edition’ pops up in retailer listings! (UPDATE!)

Well, this is an interesting bit of information: Even though Sega hasn’t announced a special edition for Sonic Generations yet, some British retailers like GAME actuall do have it in their lists as this entry prooves. It is unknown whether or not this is actually a thing and if it’s just exclusive to Europe, but my guess is we’ll soon hear from Sega about this. It would also be interesting to hear what’s actually in the Special edition.


Apparently, it includes the pre-order bonus items that Gamestop is getting. This would include the Sonic pinball, Sonic costume and theme. So, no physical items…

[Source: Gamefront.de]

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  1. i would so love a collectors edition of sonic generations! that would be cool if it came with a genesis cartridge of the original sonic game

  2. Or how about a Genesis cartridge Sonic & Knuckles style that allowed you to play all the old Sonic games, when connected, with Modern Sonic?

  3. or maybe a peripheral that plugged into modern consoles and let you play modern sonic games with classic sonic!! now that would sell

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