Sega shuts down some online servers in Japan!

According to Siliconera the Japanese Servers for some Shiren the Wanderer games will be shut down. The Wii game Mystical Dungeon: Shiren the wanderer and the two DS games Shiren the wanderer 2 and 3 will have no online features starting this November. The fourth game will be uneffected, since Sega had no hand in the development of that title. It’s also unclear up until now whether or not this would also affect other regions.

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  1. No idea what those games are, but its always sad when a server shuts down. I remember the day PSO went offline, or when my email ceased to exist. Sad day 🙁

  2. This is one series I’ve always wanted to check out but never got around to. Rogue dungeon crawlers have always interested me but most aren’t that accessible. From what I’ve heard Sega’s Shiren games fix some of that while still being pretty true to the “rogue” genre.

  3. Manic Maverick July 28, 2011 @ 8:10 PM

    First time I heard about this game and it’s from this…That really sucks. I hate hearing about a game and then being incapable of experiencing it the way it was in the beginning. I wonder why they shut the servers down…

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