Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 60 – I Lost My Supply Of Moths And Caterpillars

It’s episode 60 and it’s also Mike’s 60th Birthday! What a coincidence! This week we discussed: Rise of Nightmares, House of the Dead: Overkill: Extended Edition: HD: The Revenge: Sometimes They Come Back For More, Seaman, Nail Thongs, and much much more! Well, not that much more actually. A few things here and there.

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  1. Mike I’m sorry about the stain in your present…
    you see what happened was… well my family came over… and I had just rapped your present, the little children of the family decided to sneak up stairs when I wasent looking and opened your present, when I went looking for them they where there with your male thongs… My parents came up at that moment and well… they was sent very happy that they nor I had male thongs… they where angry!… I tried to tell them it was your birthday present but they wouldn’t believe me…
    any ways did you like the pome on the inside’s of the thongs?

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