The Dreamcast Marathon: 10:30 PM – 12 AM

Hello again! The coffee has been made and the pizza has been ordered so I guess that means it’s time to start. I figured I would start with the first Dreamcast game I ever played, Sonic Adventure 1. I will be checking in once an hour and letting you guys know how it’s going and how sleep deprived I’ve become! Wish me luck! Let me know in the comments which games you guys want me to play next!

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  1. i used to play this game when i was young but without a memory card since i didnt have one. i didnt even know they existed until my sister got me one a year later

  2. I remember not having a memory card for my PS1 for a long time and how much of a pain that was.

  3. well, when i had my DC i thought it was normal not to save since i was used to genesis, so i never got frustrated. i also once left my DC on for two days to try to beat sonic adventure 2

  4. yay thanks for playing that 1 first
    if u have seaman play that for a while

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