Sega wants to reinvent classic franchises over the next few years

Mike Hayes stated in an interview over at VG247 that Sega is looking into reviving classic franchises over the next three to five years. The just recently announced new Virtua Fighter 5 XBLA and PSN game sure fits that description. Hayes also said that they have to evaluate on what platform it would make sense to revive a franchise. This is why Shenmue City has been released, as an example.

Now, personally, I’d do anything for a new, classic Phantasy Star game or a new Shining Force game…

[Source: VG247]

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  1. Oh man, a second Renaissance…this would be so awesome. Even better, if they all debuted on a secret Sega console

  2. Wow, what a totally new and innovative strategy. I hope Hollywood starts thinking on this same wavelength….

    Kidding aside, this statement is just a tease in and of itself. If the Shenmue fans weren’t sharing their rage on the internet lately they sure as heck will now. I say this and I actually just bought Shenmue 2…. oh how hypocritical I am. ^_^


  3. We’ll have to wait and see what they announce at the Tokyo Game Show this year. Does anyone know if this turned out to be real, it looked legit to me at the time?

  4. Oh, thanks ricericetwice! I didn’t know about that. Was before my time here at Sega-Addicts, but it sure looks interesting. I linked to the patent-filing in this post too, so maybe, it is true…

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