Sonic Adventure and Happy Tree Friends prices slashed permanently

Sega have reduced the prices of the of Sonic Adventure and its DLC (XBLA, PSN) and Happy Tree Friends (XBLA). The best thing about this news is that we’re not talking about a sale here, this is a permanent price drop.  The new prices and reductions are as follows:

Sonic Adventure: $4.99 (price reduced by 50%)
Sonic Adventure DLC: $2.99 (price reduced by 40%)

Sonic Adventure: 400 Microsoft Points (price reduced by 50%)
Sonic Adventure DLC: 200 Microsoft Points (price reduced by 50%)
Happy Tree Friends: 400 Microsoft Points (price reduced by 50%)

My speculation is that Sega are attempting to lure in the last few Sega fans that haven’t yet bitten the bullet and bought the HD release of Sonic Adventure to warm them to the idea of buying the oncoming batch of HD releases, i.e. Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS Into Dreams. I am not a fan of Sonic Adventure, and I do not agree with Sega’s decision to make the DX content from the GameCube version paid DLC, so this deal still isn’t enough to lure me in. But what about you guys? Any readers that have yet to buy Sonic Adventure, or Happy Tree Friends for that matter, and are now considering it, drop us a comment below!

[Source: Sega Blog]


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