Sonic themed guitar up for pre-order

Are you a musical artist? Do you like Sonic the Hedgehog? Have you ever wanted to mix the two in a freakish experiment against the will of mankind? Well now you don’t have to! Because you will soon be able to buy replicas of Jun Senoue’s (Sonic composer) guitar! It’s page is here and as you can tell from that page it is an ESP Japanese exclusive.

Still you can probably import it. It’s available for pre-order through December and comes in either a left or right handed version. I bet it’s not too expensive. Oh wait it’s $1760. Yeah looks like you have to be super serious about wanting to rock out with Sonic to get this guitar.

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. Wow. I could build that out of cardboard for a better price. PLUS IMAGINATION.

    Really though, unless you just have money to burn why would anyone bother with this?

  2. No disrespect to Jun Senoue’s guitar but Megadriver’s Sonic guitar is leaps and bounds more interesting to look at and I’d gladly purchase that one instead of this.

  3. Agreed, GamingFiend. I forgot about that giant blue-faced six-string. This is a joke compared to Megadriver’s.

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