Takashi Iizuka talks about the future of Sonic

Takashi Izuka, the producer behind Sonic Generations, talks about the future of the blue Hedgehog over at Poketgamer.co.uk and has some interesting stuff to say: He talks a lot about the development process and the 3DS version of the game, but also goes on to talk about future projects. He really wants to make more 3DS games, since he thinks it’s great that everyone can enjoy the 3D effect there. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give a hint at what he is thinking about bringing to the 3D handheld in the future.

He goes on to state that Sonic became less good in the past because the original teams were split up and lost a lot of direction during their development, since everyone defined Sonic games differently. This will change, starting with Sonic Generations, since he is now in charge of everything Sonic related. He wants to explore Classic-Sonic concepts a bit more, while focusing on modern Sonic games. Overall, the future for Sonic looks bright, since development on Sonic 4 – Episode 2 has already started.

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  1. Unification…sounds like someone is finally serious about Sonic’s future. This is great news

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