Rumor: Sonic Generations might be coming to Wii U and PlayStation Vita

According to a not specified inside source over at Sega, Sonic Generations might come to the Wii U if the other versions’ sales ‘far exceed Sega’s internal expectations’. Not only that, but a PlayStation Vita port seems also possible, and in my eyes even more likely, since Sega is supporting that handheld heavily andthe title could be ready for launch!

According to the source, Yakuza 5 might also be given a PlayStation Vita version.


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  1. i hope it comes to the vita! it would be able to handle the ps3 version.

  2. I bought the special edition for the xbox 360 and I’d rebuy it for the psVita if I get one!

  3. If the software support will be continuing like this, there is a good possibility that the Vita could overhaul the 3ds.

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