Youtube video shows kids’ reaction to Hatsune Miku

Huh. Taking the bizarre Sega character pop star Hatsune Miku and showing it to kids turns out to be an awesome idea. It’s actually pretty funny to hear some of their reactions. I would be too honestly.

[Source: The Fine Bros on Youtube]

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  1. Its not really SEGA’s character they have license to use it but isn’t it really Crypton Future Media’s character they created her.
    I wanted them to all like her she’s an amazing character and I’m surprised that some say they wouldn’t listen to there favourite music if it was made by a volcaloid I mean a real person used synthisers and all sorts so there music isn’t really real… and the music will be no different if you know its made by a ‘real life singer’ or Volcaloids but Volcaloids are better because there easier to work with less pricy any one can make her sing and once the get it right once They’ll get it right for eternity lets not forget that they will never loose health!… Hatsune miku my favourite singer! she’s amazing! ^^

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