Own the entire Sega Master System collection! Or, buy a car!

It's 3D yo! So rad!

In this day and age, being a gamer can be an expensive hobby.  Being a retro gamer can be even more insanely expensive, and this eBay auction proves that better than no other.  A Sega fan is selling this collection for nearly $5,000.

“Happiestsellerever” is selling the entire Master System collection for a measly $4,995.00 or best offer.  This collection even includes the 3D glasses, which is just one more example of how far ahead of the times Sega was.  With the system, three controllers, Stunner light gun, and glasses, this may be the most complete collection I have ever virtually seen.  The list of games includes 114 Master System games released in the US.  Weigh your options.  Do you really need that new car?  Or do you need 8 years of Sega’s United States timeline?

UPDATE: This auction does not include Sonic 2, so it is actually not a complete collection! Perhaps someone could use this information to talk down the price?  Thanks for the correction on Twitter, ShadowDude112!

[Source: Destructioid, eBay]

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  1. But it’s still cheaper than Sega Tetris and Kizuna Encounter.

  2. Is it…grolt? 🙁

  3. Nope, would never sell my collection!

    The US set consists of 114 games, about 80% of which can be got for a couple bucks each. What they’re asking for there is roughly $45 a game. Good luck on that one!

  4. And for the record, my collection is much, much more complete. There were three official versions of the system released, and then a few other versions with different firmware. Then there were all the peripherals, the Sega Sports Pad, the Control Stick, Light Phaser (and it’s version with the orange tip after complaints about the gun looking too real), Rapid Fire Adapter (which initially could only be obtained through mail order). Then there are the different versions of the control pads (some had little thumb joysticks you could screw in), the rare blue label releases of 10 or so titles (the blue label Rambo is pretty much the hardest game to find on the system, US or otherwise). So yeah, still a far ways from being totally complete.

    The boards here are a great place to learn about and talk all things Master System:


  5. He’s probably just using that tagline to coax people the same way anyone claims every game they sell on eBay to be “rare.”

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