Contest: We’re giving away 2 copies of Shinobi 3DS!

It’s true. By winning this contest you could be the proud owner of a copy of the US version of Shinobi 3DS.

All you have to do is create a mock screenshot combining a Shinobi game with another Sega franchise.

Remember the game Alex Kidd in Shinobi World? If not, let me explain: It was a game Sega created for the Sega Master System that combined their two franchises Alex Kidd and Shinobi into one game. They did it by taking Alex Kidd out of his games and plugging him into a Shinobi themed world with similar levels, enemies, etc.

What we’d like you to do is create your own mock screenshot that either puts a different Sega character into a Shinobi themed game OR put one of the main characters from a Shinobi game into a different Sega game. You can use games from any era so it does not have to be a strictly 2D screenshot.

The deadline for submissions is November 20th and winners will be announced a few days after. Please post your submissions in the comments below.

Good luck!

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  1. what if 2 people hav the same idea?

    • @ninjajosh – That wouldn’t matter as I’m sure their screenshots will still look different. So you can have the same idea as someone else and we would judge between who’s image was the better and more creative interpretation.

  2. Ok, I’m gonna try with something like this. It’s real, you can’t see any pixel out of place! I put some sparks to make it feel they are actually colliding, somehow…


  3. [img][/img]

  4. [img][/img]

  5. Is the prize a US or UK/PAL copy of the game? The 3DS is region locked, so I wanted to know before entering for something I might not be able to play and taking it away from someone else who could if by some chance I won one.

  6. @Dinner Sonic – It is the US version of the game.

  7. Great contest, guys, I love the creative ones like this!

    Here’s my submission:


    Direct link: [url]grolt[/url]

  8. [img][/img]

    In case that doesn’t work, direct link:

  9. teaser for mine:

  10. Eternal Shinobi: Clash of the Oboro!


    (Full Link)

  11. Here is my submission. Hotsuma spying on Sonic.


  12. Lookin’ good so far, guys! 🙂

  13. my entry

    across the top bar you can see:
    life is now time
    shruikens are now yen
    magic is now items including notebook, phonix mirrior, dragon mirrior, and a scroll


  14. [img][/img]


  15. [img][/img]


  16. Golden Axe 3 has a new Challenger! [img][/img]

  17. whoops let’s try this again.
    Joe Musashi in Golden Axe 3. He needs no life bar.[img][/img]


  18. very cool stuff, guys! I can’t wait to see what else everyone cooks up!

  19. The contest is officially over. Tomorrow the winners will be announced. Good luck!

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