Contest: Win some Altered Beast buttons!

The winner of the Phantasy Star Universe figurine is… grolt! Congratulations!

The next contest is for a set of 3 Altered Beast buttons that will allow you to display just how manly you are on any fabric surface!

However, the rules are a little different this time as in the next two weeks every FORUM post will give you one more chance to be drawn as the winner. So the more you post in the forum, the better chance you have of being the winner. It’s so simple!

The contest ends June 1st but don’t just stand around doing nothing. Get to the forums!!!

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  1. your lucky Grolt!!!!!

  2. So can I get fired or go on a leave of absence or something briefly just to win this sweet swag? Just wondering.

    • @Scott – It’s very complicated on how that works. I could fire you but that will result in you being banned from the site with your IP locked out forever. So, to start posting on the forums you’ll have to switch your Internet Provider and change your IP address but unbeknownst to you I’ll have contacted all the providers in your area and told them not to take you as a customer due to reasons I won’t discuss. That will suck for you because you’ll have to move out of the state to even get internet again, which, you might do. However, in your searches for a new place to live you can only find apartments in North Korea, a country that bans its population from Sega Addicts, which you don’t find out about until you’ve done all the work and actually moved to the new country. In the end, you make your way to Hong Kong and finally have internet and an IP you can use for the forums but by then the 2 weeks are up and someone else has won the Altered Beast buttons.

      A lot of trouble for nothing, I say.

  3. are these buttons officially licensed by Sega or just made at a local button making shop?

    • I don’t believe they’re officially licensed as I got them from an online button store. I doubt Sega would release any Altered Beast buttons actually unless they have upcoming plans for the franchise, which, would be amazing.

  4. could you please give me the website?

  5. Awesome!!!

    Thanks, Alex, and good idea to support the forums more with this next one. Can’t wait to put this little figure in my SEGA haven in the basement.

  6. These are definitely more fashionable than the digital forum badges.

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