Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 73 – Konami Part 2

It’s the second part of our Konami Retrospective series and it’s a blast from the past! And by the past I mean 1993 specifically as every game discussed this episode was released that year. No wonder people born in 1993 always refer to themselves as Konami babies.

This episode we discuss: Sunset Riders, Rocket Knight Adventures, Tiny Toons Adventures: Buster’s Hidden Treasure, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

Also, I apologize for some of the awkward silence in this recording. The internet and Skype were not being too friendly that night and there was quite a bit of delay at times during the podcast.

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  1. Firstly, I wanna apologize for sounding like an interrupting douche due to the lag. I really don’t talk over people like that! Sorry dudes!

    Secondly, the Zombies Ate My Neighbors theme at the end reminded me to share this awesome remix with you all:

  2. Oh man, same here. I mean, I always cringe at one or two things I say in a podcast, but this one had me cringing pretty constantly. I swear I’m not this irritating in real life. Oh and when I said “That’s a laugh!” That was a reference to Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters!

  3. You guys were fine! 😀 I think I was cutting people off left and right, so I apologize as well. The sound was in and out on our end, so I could barely even tell when somebody else was talking! I don’t know why Skype’s been kind of a dick latey.

    • I think we all were interrupting each other due to the Skype delay so no big problem. I’ve never had Skype work so poorly before so hopefully this doesn’t become a regular thing.

  4. Yeah I’ve never had issues with it myself until this cast, so it should hopefully be a one time deal. But hey if you guys do some crazy Chistmas thing just lemme know and I will gladly jump back in singing carols and such.

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