Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 74 – Konami Part 3

Ever wondered what the Sega Addicts Podcast would be like if it was just Kris and Alex as co-hosts? Well, now you’ll know and you’ll wish you never asked. Unfortunately, this week both Mike and Tom couldn’t make it so it was left to the two of us to deliver fine quality goods to our listeners.

This week’s episode was the third part of our Konami spectacular and games discussed were: Animaniacs, Castlevania:Bloodlines, Contra:Hard Corps, Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition, and Lethal Enforcers 2.

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  1. Sorry I had to miss it, guys! I really wanted to talk about how odd the roster was in Contra: Hard Corps, even though I never heard of that game when it came out. I can’t believe Mike and I missed our chance as kids to play a game where you get to be a robot or a werewolf with a gun arm. I would think we would have been all over that shit. 😛

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