Your wallet: Attacked on all sides.

So maybe a Sega Steam sale does not rock your boat? Well, maybe this will do it for you. Sega is also running a sale on digital games for PSN and iOS with a couple goodies on XBLA. There are a few choice games discounted such as Renegade Ops, Afterburner: Black Falcon, Space Channel 5, and nearly everything with the words “Hedgehog”, “Sonic”, and “the” in the title.

For the full skinny, head over to the Sega Blog.

[Source: Sega Blog]

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  1. Those fingers look like they were simply stamped, and boy I hope they were. I’m a fan of Sega and all, but I don’t need Nascar-ad-quality ink.

    Oh yeah and this is an awesome sale! Hooray for cheap things!

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