All I want for Christmas is the Dreamcast 2: Part 2

Art by Anthony Morado

Welcome back, loyal readers!  Yesterday we began a journey into my dream of the perfect Dreamcast 2 launch list and today we will see what other games I felt worthy for the line-up.

5. NiGHTS into Dreams 2

Dreams can come true...

Let’s pretend that Yuji Naka never left Sonic Team and instead made the NiGHTS sequel he dreamed of (see what I did there?).  Let’s also pretend that the game would be called anything other than NiGHTS into Dreamcast.  Anyway, the story would expand past the dream world and incorporate the real world.  Claris and Elliot would have to walk through a hub-world in attempts to face their darkest fears with the help of NiGHTS who would slowly be losing power by being thrown into the real world against his own free will.  Two-player mode would be fleshed out a bit with players simultaneously beginning a dream but by facing opposite directions to collect links together in a co-op mode, or against each other in a versus mode.  Don’t forget to throw in tons of Sonic references and homage’s, and you have yourself another Yuji Naka masterpiece.

4. Shenmue 3

Art done by "Tony," found on ShenmueStare Blogspot

Shenmue 3 on its own would sell systems at launch.  Many forms of “boxart” can be found all over the internet, which was a big help for this selection’s artwork.  Shenmue 3 would simply continue the story of Ryu in hopes of confronting Lan-Di.  I remember hearing an idea on Sega Addicts Podcast 48 in which a Shenmue game would follow Ryu on his boat trip across the ocean, and I agree that would make an incredible game.  The ship would be just slightly bigger than Ryu’s hometown of Doubuita, but of course feel a bit more confined with many areas to explore.  The ship would eventually hit land and then pick up the game following Shenmue 2 in Hong Kong.  The Shenmue story would not be able to end with this game, as it was rumored that Yu Suzuki wished for Shenmue to contain 13 chapters, but it would at least continue the story.

3. Jet Grind Radio: World Tour

Take the graffiti wars overseas

Jet Grind Radio: World Tour would extend far beyond Tokyo to such areas as Paris, (because you could totally grind to the top of the Eiffel Tower), New York City, the UK, Egypt, Sydney, or even… the Moon!  I’m only kidding about going to the Moon… perhaps.  You would be able to drop in and out of online play and join other gangs or even form your own.   When accepting new members to your gang you would have the option of challenging them to a race, tag match, or simply allow them to join.  World Tour would be more of an open world game with the ability to visit arcades, restaurants, and of course other gangs’ hang-outs.  All of these activities would of course be done with the hopes of sticking it to the man with Professor K blasting his tunes while you’re kickin’ it on your turf.

2. Power Stone 3

Taken from the Power Stone Alliance MySpace Community

This series was the Dreamcast’s very own Smash Bros, and rightly so.  Power Stone 3 would continue the epic adventures of Falcon and company through even bigger levels with perhaps some online multiplayer and definitely co-op missions.  With online multiplayer, levels could be large enough for players to exit the screen and allow for more intricate booby traps against opponents.  Save files from other Capcom games could be incorporated into unlockable content, and an upgrading feature would help players add a better sense of adventure rather than the game simply feeling like an arcade port.  Known for having some addicitive VMU mini-games, Sega would incorporate smart phones with a Power Stone App (I may be getting ahead of the times, but Sega always was ahead of the time anyway).

1. Panzer Dragoon Universe

"Check out mah dragoon, yo!" Would be my tagline online

No this won’t be a Panzer Dragoon and Phantasy Star Universe cross-over (although that would be incredible).  I use the word “Universe,” because this Panzer Dragoon game will be an online console role-playing game as well as its own single-player RPG.  Players will go through the story on their own, but be able to explore and play through anywhere in the game with friends online, or with a system link.  Along with a story, there would be dragoon races, sports-type mini games, and also a virtual pet system of raising multiple creatures found throughout the game (and possibly make for a VMU-type A-Life game).  This would mark a first, as well as a great risk, for Sega to launch a system with a console MMO, but if anyone could do it Sega could.

And so that concludes my list of Dreamcast 2 launch titles!  Do you agree that these games would be amazing?  Do you think I’m delusion to create this list?  More importantly, what games do you think should have been on this list?  Let us know in the forums, fellow Sega Addicts!!  And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. Great ideas for the games! Now go get a job with Sega and make it happen, even if it isn’t on a Sega console!

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