This HD Dreamcast video will turn your blood into HHHNNNNNGGGG!!!

I have been dancing around this post for the last several minutes, trying to find some professional way to approach it, but the Dreamcast fanboy in me is simply not having it. Can you really blame me though? Look at the thing. It’s almost 15 minutes long, but it blows just about every other 15 minute bit of entertainment out of the water (sorry, SpongeBob).

Before this video is over, you will have seen a massive chunk of the delectable Dreamcast library running in glorious 1080p HD. The featured games run the gamut from the obvious standards (Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue, Jet Grind Radio), to the underplayed and obscure (Red Dog, D2, Outtrigger), and they all look amazing.

The video comes to us from Italian youtuber TheSpaceChannel5, and if you ever meet this person in…er, person, please shake their hand for me. I hope Sega is paying attention for The Dreamcast Collection Vol. 2.

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  2. Well after watching someone else play Toy Commander, I realize I need to play it again. So it’s time to warm up the DC for some TC!

  3. @Scott
    Then my job here is done. *kills self*

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