Content of Aliens Colonial Marines Special Edition leaked

This picture of the unannounced Aliens Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition got leaked by the Hungarian online retailer “576KByte”. According to this, the special edition will include a special game mode, extra multiplayer weapons, a 22-page long Dark Horse comic, a USCM dossier and an Aliens Power Loader figurine (Resin). Oh, the actual game is included too. It’s set to release at the end of March.

[Via and Segabits]

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  1. *fanboy boner*

    I really hope this game actually releases in March, but since it’s being done by Gearbox I highly doubt they will finish anything before Borderlands 2. Especially since the game has been delayed so many times already.

    sorry to be a negative nancy. i just want my Aliens now, GEARBOX!!!

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