Sega will have a booth for public viewing at Gamescom, apparently

Yours truly was searching through the official list of 600 exhibitors to see who will and won’t be turning up at Gamescom next week. Being the Sega worshipper I am I couldn’t help but search the company up, you know, just in case. To my surprise the official Gamescom website lists Sega as having two booths, one in the business-only hall 5 and one in hall 7 which is an ‘entertainment area’ accessible by the general public. You can view the huge hall plan here.

This is peculiar considering Sega announced at first that they would not turn up, then later changing their minds and stating they would be conducting an exhibition ‘behind closed doors‘. Now, according to the Gamescom website, it looks as though average Joes like myself will be able to take a peek at Sega’s hottest new properties. Hooray!

[Source: Gamescom]

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  1. Sounds more like a mistake, considering Sega closing down Sega of Australia and most of Sega of Europe and having to booths at an overly expensive expo shortly after that sounds pretty unbelievable to me.

    • Well they have confirmed that they will be there, but will not have anything on display for the public. I don’t know how much of a stretch it would be to add a public booth, but I can’t see the Gamescom organisers simply making a mistake either. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, either way it’s going to be a great event and I’m very excited about it.

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